The Agency Series












TheAgency-1WhenSouldCollide-150x220The Agency: When Souls Collide

The first book follows a young widow, desperate to support herself and her child, secures a job with a temp agency. But the work is not what she expects. Neither is the Agency. Maddie discovers she’s ideally suited for her assignments, clandestine tasks deep within government and corporate life. Maddie becomes two people, making her an ideal agent for the Agency. But her son grows to become an FBI agent and is given the assignment to find the killer of a U.S. senator. Toby and Maddie find themselves on a collision course that threatens to destroy them both.



TheAgency-2WhatRingsTrue-150x225The Agency: What Rings True

Having the perfect life, Tiffany Cooke enjoys her life with a devoted husband, two adorable children and a beautiful small home near historical Williamsburg, Virginia. But life takes a dramatic turn when young children are kidnapped across America. Anxious to protect her own, Tiffany shares her concerns with a NASA senior scientist. Her nightmare becomes reality when she discovers a Top Secret tape on her doorstep. Tiffany’s search for the truth lands her in the middle of a government conspiracy that threatens the life of not only her whole family, but all families in America.



TheAGency-3DysfunctionalBloodline-150x225The Agency: Dysfunctional Bloodline

Damara Van Brunt teaches Economics for Duke University. Life is simple and wonderful until that eventful day her brother calls from the hospital. Her mother has died; murdered. Trying to accept the truth, Damara also tries to sort through the family secrets. Carrie Clark comes to help her distraught friend, but both are thrown into a whirl wind adventure that takes them from Montana to New York City and finally, to Damara’s birth place of Manitoba, Canada. But unknown to both Damara and Carrie, the murderer is following their progress closely. But Carrie is anxious to answer the question why each first daughter is murdered on their fortieth birthday?



TheAgency-4InTheDefendantsChair-150x225The Agency: In the Defendant’s Chair

Imagine kissing your children goodnight, make love to your husband, and wake up confused in a courtroom. This is the nightmare and reality of Early Sutton. Early’s devastated to learn her husband and children were brutally murdered over three months ago. Her young attorney discovers that other women across America are also waking up accused of murdering their families and they too, have no memories. With the help of The Agency, Early’s answers are answered as her world is absorbed into a government conspiracy that centers around the experimentation of the human genome. In The Defendant’s Chair examines the inner working of our Government and a secret society as they manipulate the human genome in evil seclusion.



The Agency: Tablet of Destinies

Devon Arvol returns to solve the mystery of a train that suddenly appears in a small town with all passengers missing. The silent train is filled with strange symbols and carvings painted in gold. But what’s haunting Devon is not the missing scientists, but a child’s bloody tennis shoe that is hanging in the engine room. That tennis shoe entraps Devon into a mystery that takes him across the world and into an ancient culture that supposedly long dead a long time ago. Anticipated Release – Fall 2019