Journey’s Travels



JourneysTravels-1Reflection-150x225Reflection: Journey’s Travels (preorder here) 

A story about young lady, Journey, and her deep love for Takoda. She is introduced to his culture and is awakened to the harsh reality of her ancestry. She must come to grips with who she is and accept her purpose in life. (Release Date – June 1, 2016)





Book Two – Mirrors

Examines how history tends to repeat itself. Journey studies the past to determine the future of her people as they fight off a hostile alien race of beings whose technology far surpass their own. (Anticipated Release June 2016)

Book Three – Dimension

Requires Journey to delve into her souls to learn more about the Wanders and her heritage. She must reshape her broken people and planets while rebuilding her relationship with her family. (Anticipated Release June 2017)

Book Four – Duplicity

Follow Journey and Takoda as they settle down to enjoy their new life as husband and wife. She’s learning how to be a dedicated wife and mother, while serving on for the new Government. But her trials and tribulations push her safe world into an intergalactic war with a race more treacherous and evil than anything she could ever imagine. (Anticipated Release June 2018)

Book Five – Consensus

Gives us an insight into what people endure as they recover after an intergalactic war. The world Journey and Takoda knows is turned upside down when her elitist family attempts to regain their power by turning their own child against them. Mysterious murders and destruction of sacred land requires Journey to make harsh and painful decisions that will forever change her people’s lives forever. (Anticipated Release June 2019)